At first you have to go to your nearest Passport Office.You can have Passport Form for Applying MPR without any cost. Also you can download Application Form Click Here
If you still have your previous Hand Written passport then it's not a problem to apply MPR.All you have to apply for your MRP with old passport. Authority will deliver your old passport with MRP (Machine Readable passport) Later.

Apply For MRP :

1. Completed Passport Application Form in duplicate. Application forms must be filled in fully, legibly and accurately (preferably typed or filled in with a computer). The form must be signed at all requested places. Incomplete application form will not be processed.
2. 4 (four) 40mmx50mm / passport size photographs. (two photographs on each of the application forms)
3. Passport Processing Fees in one of the accepted methods of payment.(You can pay at Sonali Bank)
4. Existing passport (in original) [Please note that the existing passport will be attached (stapled) with the newly issued passport, which will have reference of the existing passport. The holder should not separate the booklets]
5. In case of a female applicant, who wishes to replace father's name with husband's name (mentioned at Sl. 9 in the application form), the applicant should provide a copy of her marriage certificate.


  1. MMR // May 11, 2013 at 10:39 AM  

    You can also fill in the MRP form online at It easier and faster to do so.

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